Summary of Capítulo 6 " En La Noche, Su Canto Estará Conmigo"Libro del año 2022 "Aventuras en la Jungla"

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In the 2022 novel "Aventures in the Jungle", the sixth chapter focuses on a character named Kirk who is taken in by the maestro and his two daughters. Kirk befriends them and is taught about the ways of the tribe. Eventually, Kirk has to return to his own tribe but is grateful for the time he spent with the maestro and his family.

  • 00:00:00 In 2022, the sixth chapter of the novel "Aventures in the Jungle" will be studied. In this chapter, sung by the night, the song of will be with me, and it was night in the village country all. They went to their studies at the era of the. Last to leave the house of the teacher. Toca the waited for him in the setting. To the stop spoke with the teacher and said. Maestro, I would like to see him do. The medicine studies. To hear the magical words before going. The teacher with a smile responded. Yes, they called all to join him. The teacher began to speak the magical words. Actually, they were the same words people were using every day, but the difference was that they made with great reverence. It was like they were speaking to a powerful king. Then all felt that sense of peace, safety, and happiness. It was so unique, she remembered that moment when at the party, wine came to the house and felt the presence of someone powerful. He returned that feeling at that moment. He was sure. Master that night asked that the people of the village be blessed and also asked that the place they had come to live be blessed. Then
  • 00:05:00 In 2022, Kirk's singing will be with me. In this book, Kirk helps to take care of the children in the jungle, and he meets a girl named Kylie. Kylie has a special skill that all the women in the village know about - she can sew clothes beautifully. Kirk's parents have died, so he moves in with the maestro and his two daughters. Kirk becomes good friends with them and they teach him about the way of the tribe. One day, the jefe Marías comes to visit. Kirk is happy to see him, but his face shows that he's still angry. The maestro invites Kirk to stay the night, and Kirk is happy to accept. They all sit down in the maestro's big room and put down mats to sit on. Kirk's mother brings in a lamp with a glass cover, which she calls a "farol." Everyone is amazed when they see it for the first time. The music, the colors, and the story inside the lamp are all beautiful. Kirk's face starts to light up a bit, and the maestro tells him that he's welcome to stay as long as he wants. But Kirk says that he has to go back to his tribe soon. The maestro tells

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