Summary of Conferencia de calidad de Carlos Kasuga (director general de Yakult)

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In this video, Carlos Kasuga, director general of Yakult, discusses the importance of quality in business. He compares the importance of quality control to an elephant putting out a fire, and urges Mexicans to aspire to the same high standards in their personal lives and businesses.

  • 00:00:00 The speaker discusses the importance of quality in business and how it can be achieved through good management practices, being punctual, being honest, being disciplined, and being educated. He also discusses the success of Japan, a country with low levels of crime and a high rate of longevity. The speaker encourages Mexicans to aspire to these same standards in their personal lives and businesses.
  • 00:05:00 This video discusses the importance of quality in the business world, and in particular, the quality of Yakult, a beverage company. It discusses the importance of employee morale and motivation, as well as the importance of having a good education system. It points out that, because of the global economy, Japan has been able to rebound after the Second World War thanks to its agricultural sector and its strong work ethic.
  • 00:10:00 In his speech, Carlos Kasuga discusses the importance of quality in Yakult, and how it applies to both employees and consumers. He also talks about the problems that Mexico is facing, and how improving quality of life can be achieved by improving education in workplaces, homes, and schools. He urges Mexicans to plant trees every year, as it is one of the many ways to improve quality of life. Finally, he talks about the importance of having good working conditions and holidays, and how Mexican companies can improve their image by offering better working conditions and benefits to their employees.
  • 00:15:00 In this speech, Carlos Kasuga, director general of Yakult, discusses the challenges faced by Mexican workers in the context of a changing economy. He stresses the importance of having secure jobs and discusses the various ways in which companies can improve the quality of life for their employees. Mr. Kasuga also discusses the importance of family, culture, and tradition, and urges Mexican workers to be proud of their country and to pass on their values to their children. He concludes the speech by sharing a story of his father, who always emphasized the importance of family, unity, and respect for others. Mr. Kasuga hopes that Mexicans will never lose these values, and that they will be able to continue to form and teach these values to their children for years to come.
  • 00:20:00 The speaker, Carlos Kasuga, discusses the importance of quality in Yakult, a Japanese beverage company. He recounts the story of a fire which began to spread and then suddenly stopped, thanks to the efforts of an elephant. The speaker compares the fire to a political and economic disaster, but notes that it will ultimately be a success if people act with simple, honest, and faithful intentions. He exhorts Mexicans to do the same.

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