Summary of 【ホロキュア】新要素めちゃ増えてね!? 吾輩のアレも実装!?ガチャいっぱいしたい!【ラプラス・ダークネス/ホロライブ】

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The video features various content creators discussing their experiences while playing games, including Korukya, School Idol Festival, and Holocure. They express their excitement over new features and gameplay elements, while also discussing the challenges they face in each game. The content creators joke around and have fun while playing, with some technical difficulties and hilarious moments along the way. They also reflect on their own personal preferences and ideal characters, and consider creating their own VTuber designs. Overall, the video showcases the enjoyment and camaraderie that gaming can bring to content creators and their audiences.

  • 00:00:00 In this section, the Hololive VTuber Laplasis Darkness introduces herself and mentions that she wants to play Korukya, a minigame within Minecraft. She comments on the amount of new features that have been implemented since she last played and mentions rumors that her quirks have been added to the game. Laplasis Darkness then proceeds to play the game, expressing amazement at the number of new features such as the Halloween Castle and the Office. She also mentions that she has only cleared the Full Office once before and warns that if someone enters, she will punish them.
  • 00:05:00 In this section, the YouTuber playing the game struggles with a difficult stage and comments on the various elements present in the game which are difficult to understand or memorize. The YouTuber also grapples with the game's challenging enemies and appreciates the help of other characters. As the game progresses, the YouTuber's frustration turns into amusement and a sense of accomplishment, although they still find it challenging, especially with the threat of instant death lurking at every corner.
  • 00:10:00 In this section, the YouTuber plays a game and comments on it through the video. The gameplay involves various tactics, including a new element that has been introduced, making it easier to win. The YouTuber also comments on the appearance of a character in the game, praising them for their appearance, and commenting on how there is no one like them in the vtuber industry. They also joke about the fickleness of alliances within the game, as well as the player's reactions when faced with an enemy.
  • 00:15:00 In this section, the speaker talks about their recent realization that a certain idol character, named Sora, fits their ideal image of an idol. The speaker reflects on their own ideal version of a character named Iroha and how they were surprised to realize that Sora fit their ideal more closely. The speaker also talks about the end of their experience playing a game called "School Idol Festival" and how it marked an end to a period of their life that was devoted to chasing after a specific ideal.
  • 00:20:00 In this section, the speaker talks about their feelings towards the end of a beloved game they used to play. They reminisce about the past and how they occasionally think about the game. However, they feel lost and unsure of where to go now that it's gone. They continue to comment on the game they are currently playing, expressing interest in the new mouse controls implemented. The speaker ends the section discussing the importance and strength of certain skills in their game.
  • 00:25:00 In this section, the YouTuber and their friends play a game where they have to collect coins while memorizing a pattern. They also talk about different strategies and items they want to use, such as a wallet that turns into a star and a character's cool attack. As they play, they comment on each other's faces and joke around. The YouTuber expresses their desire to have their own character in the game, as they see the other characters' attacks and believe they would be strong as well. However, they do experience some technical difficulties with their controller during the game.
  • 00:30:00 In this section, the Hololive members play Holocure and discuss the new elements added to the game. They experiment with different skills, try on new skins, and attempt to collect items while battling enemies. They also discuss their favorite foods, such as garlic, and joke around while playing the game. Despite some difficulties, they work together to clear the levels and have fun along the way.
  • 00:35:00 In this section, the video features various humorous moments of the Hololive members playing a game. They joke around and make funny comments while playing, such as pretending to be an expert at the game, getting scared, and asking for help. The video also includes some background music and sound effects to add to the comedic atmosphere.
  • 00:40:00 In this section, the YouTuber talks about their gameplay experience with the latest Hololive game update. They express excitement over new elements such as "awakening" and the ability to gain experience points. The YouTuber also notes the importance of having BL books in the game and the recent increase in information overload during the latter half of the game. They nervously comment on the difficulty level of the game, where fast-moving male characters are tough to beat without a certain level of firepower. Overall, the YouTuber seems to be enjoying their experience and makes some humorous comments about their gameplay throughout the video.
  • 00:45:00 In this section, the speaker talks about a newly added feature to the game and expresses how difficult it is to play. They mention almost dying several times and losing their character's life but being given another chance. They also mention that the character is very strong and they are struggling with the low firepower. They express their desire for collaboration and comment on the pain they are feeling while playing the game. They reflect on their mistakes and vow to survive as the character is too strong to give up.
  • 00:50:00 In this section, the content creators are playing a game that involves using certain skills and weapons to defeat enemies. They are discussing the different strategies they can use, including a "warp" technique that allows them to move quickly around the map. They feel that this technique is essential to the game and can make them invincible. They also discuss the importance of using skills and weapons correctly to maximize their effectiveness, and they express concern about the difficulty level of the game. Despite this, they remain determined to succeed, and they continue to play the game with enthusiasm.
  • 00:55:00 In this section, the YouTuber discusses various topics related to VTubers, including certain VTubers' popularity and their abilities to attract fans. The conversation also touches on Pokemon and the YouTuber's participation in a competition. Additionally, they explore the idea of creating a new VTuber character and consider using a stick figure or a crow as possible designs.

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This YouTube video features the speaker exploring the new features of the Holocure game, including upgrading weapons and the BL priority option. They express frustration with their failed attempts at gacha and discuss the financial status of one of the Hololive members. The YouTuber struggles to maintain strong interpersonal relationships beyond discussing shared hobbies. They also mention their upcoming birthday and anticipate decreased content creation next month. The video ends with the YouTuber playing the game and expressing excitement over new features, struggling to obtain certain characters and items, and celebrating a completed challenge.

  • 01:00:00 In this section, the speaker talks about their experience with the newly added features in the Holocure game. They express excitement about being able to upgrade their weapons, despite the high cost, and also mention the BL priority option. The speaker also comments on their attempts at gacha, expressing disappointment at not getting desired items. They then discuss the usefulness of certain upgrades and their progress in the game. The section ends with the speaker playing the game and reflecting on their experience.
  • 01:05:00 In this section, the Hololive members discuss various elements of a game they play and mention the strongest items and characters. They also talk about the concept of "BL" (boys' love) and share some recommendations. Additionally, they mention a stage in the game that is great for collecting money and discuss the financial status of one of the members.
  • 01:10:00 In this section, the YouTuber discusses various topics, such as the differences in values between humans and extraterrestrials, a gathering with family members, and his desire to watch a popular Japanese anime movie, "Demon Slayer." He also mentions that he and his viewers should try to abandon their tendencies to make decisions based on the opposite of popular opinion to prevent them from missing out on good opportunities.
  • 01:15:00 In this section, the speaker talks about their experience watching the Marvel movie Ant-Man for the second time, mentioning their surprise at discovering it is a trilogy. They then discuss the spring break season and how it felt strange to encounter a crowd in the movie theater on a weekday. The conversation shifts to the idea of April Fool's Day and how some Hololive members might participate in related activities. The speaker briefly mentions the video game Catherine: Full Body, which they enjoyed despite some NSFW content, and their experience with allergies. The video ends with a mention of the online game Valorant, which the speaker has not played in a while.
  • 01:20:00 In this section, the YouTuber talks about their interpersonal relationships with friends, particularly how they struggle to maintain strong connections with them beyond just discussing hobbies. They also touch on the difficulty of determining appropriate levels of intimacy with different people, such as only talking about playing games with some friends and reserving more personal topics for family members. The section ends with the YouTuber discussing their busy schedule and how they anticipate a decrease in content next month due to their upcoming birthday.
  • 01:25:00 In this section, the speaker talks about how there has been no major changes in April, and how even small changes like the cherry blossoms falling or someone's hair turning a different color can feel significant. They then discuss a video game they are playing and how some new features have been added, such as a stamp system and the ability to upgrade main weapons. The speaker expresses excitement about the new features, but also notes that the game is very heavy and sometimes difficult to use. They also mention wanting to use certain characters or items in the game but not having enough resources to do so.
  • 01:30:00 In this section, the YouTuber is trying out a new weapon in the game, which is challenging to use due to its strong peculiarities. She notes that it is too big and she could almost not see her way in the game. The weapon has a stamp feature, and it was effective at attack with an additional attack speed. A mesmerizing feature made the screen look cute, but it was not useful in the game. The YouTuber struggled to pay Gokita as he did not have any money. They eventually celebrate completing a challenge in the game.
  • 01:35:00 In this section, the speaker talks about their desire to stop playing the game for now, but if they were to continue, they want to complete the character list and use Mel. They also mention that they haven't been able to obtain Mars yet and that their lack of focus is hindering their gameplay. The speaker plans to save up some money and try again in the future to get Mars.

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