Summary of Producción de Mermeladas

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The video discusses the various steps involved in manufacturing candies, from the reception and selection of fruit to the addition of sugar, acid, and other ingredients. The process is completed with a final step of air and vapor bombardment to reach the desired brix level.

  • 00:00:00 The production process of desserts and jellies begins with the reception and heavy weighting of fruit. Afterwards, the washing and selection of fruits is applied to all types of fruit to increase the surface of exchange. Machinery such as mill stones are used to select the fruit. In this point, production processes for Haley Mermelada differ for the jelly, where a discontinuous cutter is used where the fruit is due to transfer its nutrients to water. Elsewhere, the jelly passes through a continuous consideration. A micro-fluidizer separates the skin and fiber from the pulp which continues through the process. The pulp is introduced inside of a tank of mixed with a double heated chamber to control the temperature of the mixture. Sugar, acid citric acid, and phosphoric acid are added in appropriate amounts. Once the mixture is homogeneous, it is bombarded with air and vapor to reach the desired degrees of brix. The concentrateer has a sampler to control the process and brix graduation. Our factory has the ability to process a great variety of fruits and vegetables. All fruits and vegetables are processed in season of this fruit's action for direct or for pulp preparation that is stored in tanks. If not able to produce in contra-equilibrium, we have
  • 00:05:00 The video discusses the manufacturing process of candies, including the waiting for the incubation results and the product release once it is approved.

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