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In the video, Melchizedek makes predictions about the future and gives instructions on how to tithe. He also comforts and reassures Abraham about his wife Sarah and son Isaac. The video ends with a reading from the book of Isaiah about Yahweh's lamentation over the fate of Sodom and Gomorrah.

  • 00:00:00 In the beginning of this video, Abraham is informed of the battle in which many are taken captive, including Lot and his nephew. Abraham receives Commandments from the Eternal in order to affect that great Liberation that is to summon and prepare his Shepherds and prepare a vase with special characteristics. Closing parenthesis: I was resting under the shadow of the Ombre Oak next to my tent when I saw one of the Servants of my nephew lot arrive hurriedly. Lot began to tell me about the tragedy, and the news left me very distressed. I was always a peaceful man, and I hate those who shed blood, so I have many servants, but few know how to handle swords and spears. They have been trained as Shepherds instead. They handle curbs with which they lead the flux, instead of shields, and carry glasses on their waists always full of fresh water to kill their thirst and refresh the afflicted sheep. Instead of wine to get drunk, they load subjects with small pots of olive oil with which they anoint the wounds of the flock. They resonate trumpets, instead of blowing in small horns with which they summon the flock to the corral, imagining what a battle would be like between my servants and the armies
  • 00:05:00 The author tells the story of how he began to have doubts about his future and how those doubts led to thoughts of suicide. He was encouraged by some friends to return to the altar, but his wife became angry and he decided to go back to the store. A new concept about the creator emerged and he fell to the ground in tears after realizing that all the zeal displayed by the altar was for his own pride and not for the love of God. He goes on to say that something interesting started to happen as many sheep became tender and submissive to him.
  • 00:10:00 Abraham's Shepherds arrive to help liberate Sodom from the army of Lot. After orienting them, Abraham gives strategic instructions to the Shepherds before they begin to attack the camp at night. 300 torches are lit and scattered throughout the camp, while 40 Shepherds advance silently towards the center of the camp and circle all of the captives. The remaining 260 Shepherds surround the camp waiting for the signal to break the glasses with horns, while Lot's lamp is attracted to the light of a torch burning on the hill. Once the lamp is extinguished, everyone runs to their positions and the Shepherds begin to slaughter the soldiers.
  • 00:15:00 In this video, Melchizedek is described as a righteous king who liberated people from slavery. After hearing about the great liberation taking place, Abraham goes down to meet the Shepherds and the many captives who have been released. He tells them about the importance of the fire that was released from the altar and identifies it as the Savior, Messiah. Seeing that everyone carries the dirt of slavery in their bodies and mantles, he invites them to follow him to the Jordan River where everyone can bathe for the purification of their sins. Only three people attend the invitation, including Lot and his two most recent daughters. The others return contaminated to their homes before leaving.
  • 00:20:00 This video is a description of a meeting between Melchizedek and Abraham, in which Melchizedek offers Abraham a tithe of his spoils from the attack on Sodom. Abraham is moved by Melchizedek's wounds and gives him a vase full of pearls. Melchizedek tells Abraham the story of his kingdom, which was prosperous and cost him a high price to obtain. Abraham is then crowned with a crown similar to Melchizedek's, and is given instructions on how to tithe the pearls.
  • 00:25:00 The king of Salem orders a pastor to take a vase with pearls with him for six years. Melchizedek confirms that multiplying the 144 pearls of tithing by the number of columns in his palace will yield the year that will bring to fruition the great liberation of Israel. At the end of the sixth year, the coming of the Messiah is revealed, and at the end of the seventh year, the Resurrection and transformation of the Victorious is celebrated. All those who repent and take refuge under the wings of Elohim during the Liberation will be saved. The final days of liberation are a time of great joy and peace. On that day, the elect of Elohim will understand the words of the book and will hear Yahweh's voice. They will look to the humble Bedouin who liberated Abraham's vase from the cave and will rejoice.
  • 00:30:00 In this video, Melchizedek, a biblical figure, makes predictions about the future. He states that during a six-year period, all mankind will be illuminated by a greater revelation of Yahweh's love and justice, and that the one among the families of the earth who does not come up to celebrate the Feast of Sukkot will attract the plague with which Yahweh will hurt the nations that do not come up to celebrate the Feast of Sukkot. The elect of God will survive by caring for the angels who will lead them away from the populist cities that will be punished for the last seven plagues. At the end of the six years, the Messiah will build a new and eternal Jerusalem, and all the faithful will be raptured into the New Jerusalem on an unforgettable journey.
  • 00:35:00 After telling his dream of a sequence of events that will happen in 6 years, including the conversion of his wife Sarah and the birth of his son Isaac, Abraham is overcome with anguish when he remembers the words of the king of Salem, who tells him that Sarah won't be able to have a child in that time. Melchizedek, who had been listening, comforts and reassures Abraham, telling him that Yahweh will visit him and Sarah in 6 years and that she will be cured of her sterility. Abraham then offers the three pilgrims food, and after they have eaten and drunk, he asks them about the pearls. The third pilgrim, who looks like Melchizedek, tells Abraham that he will bring him hope and peace, and then vanishes. Abraham is overjoyed and relieved, knowing that the pearls will stay in the vase and that his wife and son will be able to have them.
  • 00:40:00 The video is a reading from the book of Isaiah of Yahweh's lamentation over the fate of the city of Sodom and Gomorrah. After listing the sins of the city's residents, Yahweh declares that if there are only ten righteous people in the cities, then the entire plane will be forgiven. Abraham is reminded of the ten righteous people who were saved from the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah six years earlier, but sadly most of the inhabitants have rejected Yahweh's salvation. Yahweh tells Abraham that if there are only ten righteous people in the cities, then they will be saved. Abraham pleads with Yahweh to allow him to try and save more people, but Yahweh's voice is overwhelmed with sadness and regret.
  • 00:45:00 The author tells the story of how Abraham, on the occasion of a festival in honor of the god Sukkot, visited the valley of Salem and met Melchizedek, who revealed to Abraham the history of the vase and of Salem, including the day of its destruction. Abraham records this in a scroll, which he later delivers to Melchizedek inside the vase. The author describes the experience of visiting Salem after the city's destruction and the devastation he saw there.
  • 00:50:00 This video discusses the life of Melchizedek, a beautiful young man who embodied all the virtues necessary to be king of a victorious Salem. Melchizedek's inspiration for the kingdom came from his father, Adonijah, who saw in him a reflection of the prince himself. After the city of Salem was finally full of inhabitants, Adonijah summoned everyone to a grand inauguration party and proclaimed a decree that would determine the future of the kingdom. Only those who remained loyal to the laws of parchment would be confirmed as heirs to the kingdom. Those who were bound by guilt and transgressions would be banished by trial. The people rejoiced with certainty that they would achieve victory over all pride and selfishness. Melchizedek had an only child, Samayal, who was beloved by all. One day, while walking through the city, Adonijah heard a voice that sounded like his son. He turned to see a beautiful young man singing a song. Adonijah soon realized that this was Samayal, and he was overjoyed to have found him. He led Samayal to the Palace and appointed him as the guardian of the laws of the kingdom. Samayal became Adonijah's constant companion and spent many hours
  • 00:55:00 The video discusses the events that led up to the coronation of Melchizedek as king of Salem. After hearing the joyful songs of his subjects, the king reveals his plans for the future, including the appointment of Samayal as the first guardian of the honor of the new kingdom. However, Samuel's envy leads to a feeling of rebellion, and he decides to support the old parchment until he can exclude it from the new kingdom. He dreams of greatness and influence with the son of Adonis, but his dreams are dashed when Samayal realizes the prince is just as beautiful and wise as he is. Disturbed by his feelings, Samuel decides to keep his plans to himself and support the old parchment. However, his feelings of envy and jealousy continue to build until he plots to overthrow the new kingdom.

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In the YouTube video "MELCHIZEDEK AUDIO READING", Melchizedek is introduced as a righteous king who freed his subjects from darkness and made the joy of dawn reborn. He is known for his great love and care for his people, and his sacrifice of his own life so that the Scepter of Mercy could be restored to its former glory. On the day of the coronation of the new king, Melchizedek's son, the Prince, is miraculously saved from a rebel mob and restored to health. The Prince and the scepter are reunited, and peace and justice are restored to the kingdom.

  • 01:00:00 Salem's subjects were deceived by a false prophet into thinking that the laws of the parchment were no longer relevant, and that freedom could only be achieved through complete freedom. However, this deception ultimately led to rebellion and the downfall of the kingdom. Melchizedek came to the kingdom to preach humility and love, and helped to restore peace. He also warned the subjects about the dangers of rebellion, and helped to pave the way for the eventual coronation of Dash Samayal as king. In the end, all who followed Melchizedek's teachings were rewarded with success and happiness.
  • 01:05:00 In this video, Melchizedek AUDIO READING, reveal to them as he had never done before the great importance of the laws recorded on the parchment showing that they were the basis of all prosperity and peace if such laws were excluded all happiness and Glory would be extinguished leading to chaos. After showing the need for the laws, Melchizedek moved by a strong desire to save those he loved so much lifted the scroll in front of everyone in a voice full of goodness offered them forgiveness and the opportunity to start again on the path of peace. His words moved everyone making even samayal himself motivated at first however Pride prevented him from repentance again in this way the honest subject when he could still look regretfully towards the scroll hardened in his Rebellion decision to continue until the end this decision however would not manifest it promptly for he had idealized a treacherous plan. At the end of the opportunity meeting, Samuel summoned his followers to a secret meeting which was held under the blanket of the night next to the sadron creek that was outside the walls of Salem after cursing the parchment and all those who defended it he began telling them about his plans for revenge and betrayal. As you know, the six years of trial are running out subtracting as of today 24 weeks for
  • 01:10:00 The coronation of King Samuel is truncated due to the absence of the scepter, and Melchizedek comforted the subjects with the promise that he would find the scepter and restore Salem's glory. After the coronation, Melchizedek goes out in search of the scepter. He faces dangers in search of the scepter, is preserved, and finally retrieves the scepter from the hands of rebellion. The subjects are happy and rejoiced upon learning of Melchizedek's success.
  • 01:15:00 In this YouTube video, Melchizedek describes the challenges he faced when he traveled to Sodom to reclaim the scepter of his beloved Salem. Despite all the dangers, he finally succeeds in retrieving the scepter and brings it back to Salem.
  • 01:20:00 The prince is mourning the loss of his best friend, Samayal, who was tragically enslaved by Rebellion. One night, while lying on the ground in pain, he remembers the happy times they spent together and decides to rescue him. He agrees to pay the price of Samayal's ransom - pain and blood - which Samuel gleefully accepts. Samuel then undresses the prince, beats him mercilessly, and forces him to endure the sun setting until he agrees to submit to him. However, the prince has a change of heart and manages to get Samuel to release him. He then takes possession of the scepter that was meant for Samayal, promising to use it to bring peace and justice to Salem.
  • 01:25:00 The video follows a sequence of events, beginning with a rude gesture made by an enemy of the prince, which causes him to contort in agony. He later suffers a series of blows to his left hand, which leads to his left hand being crushed and spilling blood. The son of Adonijah, Melchizedek, comes to his aid and pledges to take an oath not to hurt him again. Samuel, the prince's teacher, recalls the happy times they spent together, and Melchizedek, in turn, reflects on the abuse heaped on him by his former friend. The prince makes a decision to return to take back his scepter and leaves for Salem, accompanied by memories of his past happiness. On his way, he is pursued by memories of his past failures and falls into a deep fainting. When he wakes up, he is naked, injured, and alone in a dangerous place. He realizes that he has been betrayed and repents, returning to take back his scepter. He then recalls his oath and leaves for Salem, where he is hailed as a victorious hero. The video ends with the prince, now restored to his previous glory, witnessing the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.
  • 01:30:00 The video describes the story of Melchizedek, a priest who served in Salem during the time of the Israelites' Exodus from Egypt. Melchizedek is known for his great love and care for his people, and his sacrifice of his own life so that the Scepter of Mercy could be restored to its former glory. On the day of the coronation of the new king, Melchizedek's son, the Prince, is miraculously saved from a rebel mob and restored to health. The Prince and the scepter are reunited, and peace and justice are restored to the kingdom. The video ends with the promise of the Prince's coronation day, Yom Kippur, which is fast approaching.
  • 01:35:00 The video follows Samuel as he gathers followers to announce his upcoming conquest of Salem. After ascending the mountain to reconnoiter the city, he remembers the torture he endured at the hands of his enemies and feels overwhelmed with guilt. At the coronation ceremony, Melchizedek regains possession of the scepter that represented the honor of Salem and everyone falls to their knees in tears. Samuel realizes too late how much he had deviated from the prince's advice and feels tortured by the memories of his past failures.
  • 01:40:00 In this video, Melchizedek is introduced as a righteous king who freed his subjects from darkness and made the joy of dawn reborn. After confirming his subjects in their victory, the son of Adonaija raises his scepter in pain and cries out. Samial, who recognizes his misfortune, approaches the throne and is finally deceived by Pride. When he remembers his fortified Army waiting for him on the plane, he cheats on him with a certainty that he would be victorious. He raises his fist in defiance and challenges the king, disregarding his authority. The victorious king, touched by the mournful subjects, raises his scepter in pain and condemns them all to prison for six years. In a dream, an angel reveals a distant future in which the glory of a new and splendid Salem is manifested, with walls and mansions made of precious stones, portals made of pearls, and wide avenues of gold. The city is divided into two sectors, one for the angels and one for the redeemed human beings, and in each sector stands an abundance of mansions and eternal rooms. There is also a beautiful paradise, known as the Garden of Eden, on both sides of the River of Life. The king of Salem is amazed by the
  • 01:45:00 The video discusses the story of Melchizedek, who is described as being in the highest part of Zion and who is given the honor of being the first human being to see inside the Palace of God. Melchizedek is overwhelmed by the beauty of the place and is filled with admiration for the figure on the throne. The angel tells Melchizedek that he will be given this honor as he is chosen to be the bearer of the broadest Revelations about the Kingdom of Light. After hearing the song of a multiplicity of seraphim, Melchizedek prostrates himself before the king of Salem and is filled with emotion as he relives the history of his small town. The angel then tells Melchizedek the story of Salem, which begins with the creation of the Kingdom of Light. Melchizedek is surprised to learn that the Kingdom of Light is similar to Salem, the town he grew up in. The angel then reveals a plan for the Creator to go in search of man and redeem him. In front of this Revelation, the son of Udonis is moved prostrate. The video ends with a recap of the story and a preview of the next video, in which the story of the Great Rebellion will be discussed
  • 01:50:00 The author of this transcript, recounting the ancient story of Melchizedek, discusses his dream in which an angel reveals to him important truths about the universe. The ensuing chapters tell the story of Melchizedek's coronation, his rescue of Salem, and his role in the eventual discovery of the scroll of revelations. The scroll will remain hidden for almost four millennia, but will be finally confirmed and many people will be transformed by its messages.
  • 01:55:00 This video introduces the character of Melchizedek, who is described as being God's perfect lover of music. Melchizedek is responsible for creating the universe and its beings, and he is also the architect of Jerusalem, the city of peace. He shows the firstborn of angels, who is unnamed, the beauty of paradise and the purpose of his mission. The Eternal entrusts him with the protection of moral laws and the creation of a universe full of life. The angels join in song of praise to God, and the video ends with a description of Lucifer, the bearer of light, as being grateful for everything he receives from the Eternal.

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In the video, religious figures discuss the fall of Lucifer and the creation of man. They recount the story of how Satan tempted Eve to eat from the tree of knowledge, and how Adam followed her after she did. The video then discusses the importance of remaining faithful to the Creator, and how Paradise may be surrounded by enemies who want to tempt man into disobedience.

  • 02:00:00 The video discusses the history of angels and their journey to explore the universe. They were admired at the vastness of the Kingdom of Light everywhere they found worlds. One of the angels, Melchizedek, brought glad tidings of the Kingdom of Peace to the inhabitants of these worlds. One of the angels' duties was to reveal the secrets of Darkness to Lucifer, who desired to understand it. Lucifer was judged qualified for this and was allowed a spot of sin to arise in his heart. This struggle led to Lucifer's decision to explore the Abyss, which was immense but the pleas of Father prevented him from understanding it. Lucifer returned to his place of honor next to the throne and prostrated himself before the Divine King, begging him to reveal the secrets of Darkness to him. Father responded with sadness that Lucifer was created for the light, and that he would not reveal the treasures of Darkness to him. Lucifer was agonized by this decision, and a tremendous struggle began to take place within him between his desire to know the meaning of Darkness and his loyalty to Father. Only God knew what was going on in Lucifer's heart. The angel who was created to be the bearer of light was divorcing himself from the Creator in thoughts of Disaster.
  • 02:05:00 In this video, Lucifer talks about his theory of "good and evil," which he believes will lead to the realization of greater knowledge and understanding. However, before this can happen, the angels must undergo a test to see if they are truly committed to the idea. In the end, it is decided that Lucifer will stay for a while so that the theory can be tested in the real world. Although many angels are initially opposed to the idea of plunging humanity into such a complex and dangerous system, over time many come to see the merits of the idea. Lucifer is ultimately rejected by the Father, who only wants the best for his creations.
  • 02:10:00 The video discusses the events leading up to the fall of Lucifer and his hosts, and the eventual surrender of the Divine Throne to the faithful followers of light. It describes the deep pain and sadness that God felt as his rebellious children abandoned him. Finally, the video reveals that the Abyss represented the kingdom of rebellion, and that in the Saturn face of God, a glow of encouragement had finally appeared.
  • 02:15:00 In this video, faithful readers of the Bible recount the creation story, including the creation of the Earth and the luminaries that would fill it with light and heat. The Creator expresses his great power by commanding the luminaries to be created.
  • 02:20:00 In the creation story of Genesis, the first humans are created on the fifth day and given the name "Adam." On the sixth day, the Eternal creates the Living Soul, a creature that will inhabit the Earth and bring about many surprises. Adam joins the angels in their song of praise.
  • 02:25:00 In the video, Melchizedek is described as walking in Eden with a rainbow following his steps. He stop to admire the trees, flowers, and animals and feels happy. He remembers the Eternal appearing to him and telling him he would make him a companion. Adam dreams of walking through flowering fields and meadows with the breeze at his side. He is happy and satisfied with his life, but he longs for someone to share it with. He remembers the Eternal promising to make him a companion, and he falls in love with the woman in his dream. He takes her by the hand and they walk in paradise until the sun sets.
  • 02:30:00 In this video, a couple contemplate the night sky and the stars while lying in a field. They eventually fall asleep and experience a beautiful dream in which they are visited by the Eternal. Upon waking, they are given a message from the Creator about the importance of justice and love. The video ends with the couple ascending Mount Zion in celebration of the dawn of a new day.
  • 02:35:00 In this video, Melchizedek discusses the meaning of detachment and how it is important in order to serve God. He also discusses how man was made the arbiter of creation and how the Creator made them aware of the spiritual conflict that was working for the conquest of universal dominion. Finally, Melchizedek discusses how Satan and his followers attempted to gain control over man by deception, but were thwarted by the faith of Adam and Eve.
  • 02:40:00 The video is a reading of Melchizedek by a religious figure, who talks about the life of Adam and Eve in Eden, the Creator's recommendation of work as a source of benefits for man, the arrival of Celestial beings, and the Messengers' warning about the danger of eating from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. The video then discusses the importance of remaining faithful to the Creator, and how Paradise may be surrounded by enemies who want to tempt man into disobedience.
  • 02:45:00 In this video, an audio reading of the Book of Genesis is presented. The angels who were present when Adam and Eve were created are present in the video, and they sing a song of victory before disappearing. Satan, watching the couple, senses their lack of attentiveness to the warnings they had been given, and decides to take advantage of the situation. He approaches the pair and seduces Eve with his words, while Adam searches for her. Eve is confused and curious about the snake, which Satan tells her is a creature that is wise and powerful. The snake then tells Eve that the tree of knowledge of good and evil is the source of all its wisdom. Eve is excited by this information, and Satan tempts her to eat from the tree of knowledge, which would make her immortal. Adam becomes aware of the snake's presence and begins to run towards it, but is stopped by the angels. Eve eats from the tree of knowledge, and Satan takes possession of her mind.
  • 02:50:00 The video is a reading of Melchizedek Audio by Michael Brown. Brown reads from Melchizedek Audio about how the snake tempted Eve to eat from the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and how Adam was filled with doubt and fear after she did. Eve told Adam about the wonders of the new kingdom he would live in, but that happiness would be incomplete without his participation. Adam decides to follow Eve after she offers him the fruit, but is filled with fear and doubt after she talks about the science of good and evil. He is relieved when he hears her talk about her love for him, but is again filled with fear when she tells him about the Affliction. After some thought, he decides to rebel against the Eternal and eat from the fruit.
  • 02:55:00 The Creator explains to the faithful that he will be the one to redeem humanity from their fate of eternal slavery. He reveals that a substitute will rise who will face Satan and prove that love is stronger than selfishness, truth is stronger than lies, and humility is more powerful than pride. The faithful are amazed by this revelation and ask who this substitute will be. The Creator tells them that he will be that man, and that his spirit will rest on a virgin and in her a holy son will be begotten. The redeemed will see in him the father of Eternity, the Creator and Redeemer.

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In the "MELCHIZEDEK AUDIO READING" YouTube video, Melchizedek discusses the biblical figure of Yoshua and the meaning of his name. He also talks about the Lost Dominion and the couple's exile from the Garden of Eden. The video ends with the Creator comforting Adam and Eve and telling them that he will always be there for them.

  • 03:00:00 In this video, Melchizedek discusses the biblical figure of Yoshua, which means "the Eternal Savior." According to Melchizedek, Yoshua's purpose was to redeem the Lost Dominion, which was a period of time in which the human race was struggling and falling. However, the couple's guilt and sadness over the situation caused them to turn away from the Creator and towards sin. This ultimately led to the corruption of Adam's nature and the fall of the human race. However, the Eternal continues to follow and love the couple even in their exile, and in the end, they are able to repent and return to Him.
  • 03:05:00 In this video, the creator (God) reveals the effects of the fall, including the Pain of Death, disharmony already penetrating nature, and the lack of lasting garments to cover Nakedness. He also reveals the Plan of Redemption, which includes the atonement of Jesus Christ. The couple repents and longs for the promised garments of Salvation.
  • 03:10:00 The video is a depiction of the biblical story of Adam and Eve after they are expelled from the Garden of Eden. The video begins with the couple crying as they are commanded to sacrifice a lamb, which scares them. The lamb is innocent, and with an expression of justice, the Eternal adds that if the lamb doesn't die, they can't have the clothes that were spoken of. The lamb is killed, and Adam and Eve are horrified as they watch. They understand the enormity of their tragedy and lament the lamb's death. God removes the lamb's skin, which reveals clothing for the couple. The couple thanks God and are overwhelmed with gratitude. They ask about the man who will come after them, and the Creator reveals Himself to be that man. The couple is moved by the Creator's love and prostrate themselves at His feet. They weep as they contemplate the enormity of the sacrifice the Creator is making for them. The Creator reveals that He will die in their place and be resurrected, granting them eternal life. They sing a song of thanksgiving and praise. After bidding farewell to Eden, it is not easy for Adam and Eve to say goodbye. However, they are comforted by the Creator's promise that He will be with them throughout their exile
  • 03:15:00 The video opens with a scene of Adam and Eve awakening in the Garden of Eden. They are happy and in love, but they soon realize that they are going to have to leave because Satan is coming. The Eternal comes to visit them and tells them that they will someday return to Zion. He also tells them that he will always be there to protect them. As the Eternal is leaving, Satan appears and tries to take the human being back. The Eternal tells Adam and Eve to build an altar and sacrifice a lamb each week to keep him from coming. Then, he blesses them and sends them to sleep. The video ends with the Creator comforting Adam and Eve and telling them that he will always be there for them. He also tells them that they will one day return to Zion and be crowned with glory.
  • 03:20:00 The video "MELCHIZEDEK AUDIO READING" describes the story of Adam and Eve's first night out of Eden, when they experienced their first nightmares. The Nightmares represented God's sufferings on their behalf, and the couple became overwhelmed with sorrow. The night was eventually followed by the first day of exile, during which the couple failed to fall asleep. They were comforted by the dawn, which revealed to them the nostalgic paradise that God had left them. The video then goes on to describe the future of humanity, which was bleak until the couple was given a glimpse of the coming Messiah. He would be born among men to redeem them, and his sufferings would bring about the ultimate Triumph of the redeemed.
  • 03:25:00 The video discusses the symbolism of the lamb in the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. After the lamb was sacrificed, Adam and Eve were filled with sadness, knowing that they would have to suffer the consequences of their actions. However, they were reassured by the Blessed Creator that he would die in their place and that they would be granted eternal life. In the end, the couple falls asleep under the light of sacrifice and are certain that their sacrifice will be remembered and appreciated until the final day.
  • 03:30:00 The video discusses the conflict between light and darkness in the night of the Passover holiday. It explains that this conflict symbolizes the conflict between good and evil in the universe, and that it is a reminder of the eternal conflict between light and darkness that will continue until the Eternal Dawn. The video also points out that some important teachings about God's character remain hidden in the pages of nature before the fall.
  • 03:35:00 In this YouTube video, Melchizedek reads from the Book of Mormon about the significance of Adam and Eve's sacrifices. He explains that each flower on the hill represents a symbol of the Savior, who was born among the thorns of evil to comfort the perfume of the heart of the afflicted. Similar to the Flower of Life, the Messiah after proving his love and forgiveness are stronger than all winds of hate, will come to earth to redeem the guilty. Cain's rebellious childhood is a reminder of the promise of the future birth of the Messiah. The Eternal affirms his solemn promise to Adam and Eve, and tells Cain that the story of Lucifer and the son is a promise of the birth of Abel. The couple dedicated themselves to edifying work, and their Gardens were filled with scented flowers and delicious fruits. The home in Exile became a refuge for the persecuted animals. Cain's students in the school of suffering learned to love the Savior more each day, growing in wisdom, humility, and holiness. They valued their little flock every sixth day, but God allowed the enemy to set a trap for them. Seeing that force would not result in victory, the enemy devised a cunning trap in which he would link the couple. Gathering his armies, the enemy revealed
  • 03:40:00 In the video, a man and woman recount their experience of being hurt and sacrificing an animal to God, and how it made them appreciate him more. They contemplate the face of the Father after the sacrifice, and how it has become more painful with each passing day. The video ends with the man and woman giving birth to their first child, and naming him Cain.
  • 03:45:00 The video discusses the love of God, specifically how he set out to die instead of let Eve and Adam eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Cain and Abel are mentioned and their story is recounted, with Kane's question about why the sun goes down in the west being the main focus. The mother explains that one day the sun will come to stay and bring eternal light, and Kane agrees to wait. The next day, Cain goes to the altar to play, but is upset when the sun goes down. His mother promises to ask the sun to stay, and Kane runs to her to ask. The next day, the sun goes down in the west as promised, and Cain is overjoyed. However, Adam is upset because he was hoping the sun would stay forever. Cain cries and declares that he wants the sun because he can see it, not because he believes in it. The mother tries to comfort him, but Cain is adamant that he wants the sun now. The video ends with Cain asking the sun to stay and Kane's mother promising to make that happen.
  • 03:50:00 In this video, Sheltering the Sun with his left arm, Adam puts his right hand on the Eva's shoulder but finds no words to comfort her, the phrase said by his son seems to tear his heart making him relive the Fall. After reflexing, Adam feeling guilty, he replied to Kane it was Dad who Let the Sun Go. Still, my son Dash with sobs of great sadness, Adam joined them in tears. The memory of the Savior however, comforted him drying his tears and those of his little son he said tenderly, "We can Rejoice, Lil son for God promised to make the sun shine forever in the sky, he will be like the fire that appears on the altar expelling the darkness of the night with his eyes turned towards the last clearing of the tree Cain remained, without comfort in that evening there was not as usual a cheerful dinner, the small family saddened remained, silent to meditate for long hours until sleepy they slept under the Starlight. The enemy and his hosts in sarcasm of evil mocked on that night the suffering of God and his faithful, repeating the words of rebellion of little Cain he boasted as Victor. In a challenge to the Creator he pronounced, look how this my little slave, rejects you
  • 03:55:00 Kane asks the Creator why he has to suffer, and the Creator tells him that it is love that makes it all worthwhile. Kane is unsatisfied with this answer, and the Creator tells him that only the blood of Kane's sacrifice will make the sun shine forever. Kane seems to be touched by this, and they go for a walk in the garden.

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The YouTube video "MELCHIZEDEK AUDIO READING" tells the story of Cain and his parents. Cain is filled with self-importance, but begins to see the importance of sacrifices and empathizes with his parents' desire to conquer the kingdom. He argues with them, but eventually realizes the error of his ways. However, through divine love, all human beings are granted the opportunity to be saved.

  • 04:00:00 The story follows Cain, who is suffering from a deep sense of self-imposed suffering. After a long conversation with Kane, Yahweh turns to the couple and begins to comfort them with the promise of the birth of another son. Although Cain is still filled with self-importance, he begins to see the importance of sacrifices and empathizes with his parents' desire to conquer the kingdom. He argues with them, but eventually realizes the error of his ways. Cain then immersed himself more and more in the Abyss of Pride and Self-Interest instead of living in Illusion. Had Lucifer not been involved, Cain's fate may have been sealed. However, through divine love, all human beings are granted the opportunity to be saved.

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