Summary of Áreas del desarrollo

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This video discusses various areas of development in children, including cognitive, motor, emotional, and social development. It emphasizes the importance of educators being aware of children's expressions in order to provide appropriate care and support.

  • 00:00:00 The video discusses areas of development, including how the brain is formed in the early years and how children's experiences shape their cognitive development. It goes on to discuss how senses provide information to the brain, and how interactions with close people and objects change as the child's development progresses. The motor development is described as a progressive ability to control one's body. The emotional social development includes the ability to establish affective bonds with adults and to understand social norms. Educators must be aware of children's expressions and be able to respond appropriately to them, for example recognizing when a child likes and dislikes a particular stimulus, and when it is time to adjust the stimulus or provide a space for the child to rest. Finally, the article discusses the area of communication, which includes the ability of children to express their needs, emotions, and ideas. Adults who are sensitive to children's communication and understand their children's emotions are able to provide appropriate care and support.

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