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In this animated horror story, two siblings named Raman and Rina are struggling with poor grades due to their parents, Rakesh and Meena's busy work schedules. During a visit to their grandparents, they enter an old house where they meet a witch who teaches ghost children. Despite their fear, they stay and receive individualized attention from the witch, resulting in remarkable improvement in their grades. They keep their lessons a secret but eventually disclose them to their parents, leading their parents to vow to spend more time with them. In another story, a man named Roger struggles to make ends meet but meets a tea-seller who helps him start his business, leading to success and a newfound family.

  • 00:00:00 In this section, the story follows the struggles of Rakesh and Meena to balance work and family life, resulting in their children’s poor grades. During a visit to their grandparents, Raman and Rina venture into an old house where they meet a witch who teaches ghost children. Despite their fear, they stay and study with the ghost children and receive individualized attention from the witch. The witch warns them not to tell anyone about their secret lessons, and when the siblings return home, they continue to study and excel in school.
  • 00:05:00 you so worried, asked Roger's grandmother. Roger confided in her about his family's financial struggles. Upon hearing this, the grandmother decided to help the children and took them to a haunted school where they pretended to play and actually ended up studying with the ghost children. After a month of studying, they returned to their city and showed remarkable improvement, causing their parents to question how they suddenly became such good students. After pleading for answers from the children, they finally disclose their experience at the haunted school. The parents realize their mistake and vow to spend more time with their children, and they all live happily ever after.
  • 00:10:00 In this section, a man named Roger is struggling to make ends meet and decides to leave for the city to start a business. He meets a tea-seller, who helps him by letting him stay at his home and teaching him the ins and outs of selling tea. The tea-seller shows Roger a place where he can start his business and buys him a trolley, materials and food. The tea-seller sees his younger brother in Roger and decides to help him just like he was helped in the past when he had no one to turn to. Roger became emotional after hearing that he is not alone anymore and now has a family with the tea-seller and his whole family.
  • 00:15:00 In this section, Roger and T Cellar start their tea business and distribute brochures to gain more customers. Their business grows and they start selling snacks along with tea, increasing their profits. Meanwhile, T Cellar helps Roger find a home on rent and Roger returns to his village to visit his family. After returning to the city, Roger becomes very successful with his business, eventually living with Haley and T Cellar and forming a new family, leading them all to live happily ever after.

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