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Jack Harlow is a Louisville-based rapper who shot to fame with his 2018 song "Whats Poppin." In this Vogue video, he discusses his anxiety around performing, his career journey, and the importance of making quality music. Harlow is an engaging and reflective interviewee, offering insights into the mind of a successful young artist.

  • 00:00:00 Jack Harlow discusses his anxiety for performing in front of an audience, revealing that he has done many shows where the room was mostly empty. He talks about how his anxiety has been rooted in his childhood experience of always being the popular girl in his classes. He reflects on how his career as a touring artist has been a dream come true and shares how preparing for a tour has been a year and a half of mental preparation.
  • 00:05:00 Jack Harlow discusses his career and how he has gone from a calculated musician to one who is more improvisational and "hungry" for success. He also discusses the importance of producing quality music and the importance of having "a first instinct" when it comes to music that is attractive to the ear.

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