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In this section of the video, the YouTuber discusses their plans to start a marijuana business in Karmaland. They express their concern about the potential dangers and decide to start a hookah store as a front for their business. They also reveal that they have stolen a boat and are planning to escape with it. Despite the risks involved, the YouTuber expresses excitement about their new venture in Karmaland.

  • 00:00:00 In this section of the YouTube video, the host introduces the topic of a recent trip they took with a friend, Coby. The host expresses disappointment that the trip was not as good as they had hoped, and mentions that they had gotten sick on the way to the destination. The host then goes on to discuss their plans for a specific day in the future, which involves entering Karmaland, a platform on which they plan to complete a task. However, the host expresses concern that this task may cause them to miss out on other content they had planned to watch, and mentions plans to spend time watching Fortnite, a popular online game. The host then shares their experiences with a previous trip to Tenerife and other online activities they had engaged in.
  • 00:05:00 In this section of the video, the host discusses the skin of Vegeta in Fortnite and complains about its lack of detail due to the game's low poly count. He also criticizes the way the skin's design covers a large portion of the screen, obscuring other elements. Despite himself, the host acknowledges that there are some frames of the skin that are well-detailed, and that the skin's colorful features align well with Dr. Stone's bright and vibrant art style.
  • 00:10:00 This section discusses a few characters from the popular anime series Dragon Ball. The discussant mentions names of characters, such as Bills, Piccolo, Gohan, and Trunks, and talks about their importance in the Dragon Ball universe. The video also touches on a card game, Fortnite, and its relationship with Dragon Ball characters, particularly with stereotypes of Goku and his physique. The overall tone of the discussion is light and casual, with the discussant using slang and POP culture references to engage with the audience.
  • 00:15:00 In this section of the YouTube video, the speaker discusses their plans for the future and their excitement for upcoming video game releases. They mention the upcoming remake of The Last of Us and the possibility of seeing new Spider-Man content in the Marvel's Spider-Man game. They also talk about the idea of mods for games like Grand Theft Auto V and God of War, and the excitement for the upcoming release of Ragnarok in those games.
  • 00:20:00 In this section of the video, the speaker discusses their everyday routine, which involves rising early in the morning and doing tasks on Twitter. They explain that he enjoys playing Minecraft, and even has a Minecraft-like avatar on Twitter. The speaker also shares some interesting facts about Minecraft, such as certain capas within the game and the popularity of certain items like the sword and the diamond chest.
  • 00:25:00 In this section, the speaker Juaná turns off the music and begins to explain about the diaphragm and how it can help with singing. He starts by pulling out his ksm-8 mic from his bag, praising its sound quality. He goes on to describe the diaphragm as a muscle located just below the lungs, which expands and contracts to give more space for the lungs to breathe. He emphasizes the importance of the diaphragm in singing, stating that it can greatly improve the tone and stability of the voice. The speaker also emphasizes the significance of the diaphragm in everyday life, as it plays a crucial role in breathing. Overall, the speaker highlights the importance of understanding and utilizing the diaphragm for both singing and daily life.
  • 00:30:00 In this section of the video, the speaker discusses their frustration with homework related to learning about the diaphragm. The speaker reveals that they have difficulty speaking due to an injury to their voice and struggle to complete the homework assignments. The speaker then mentions that they feel overwhelmed by the tasks, and decide to break down the information into smaller, more manageable chunks. The speaker ends the section by expressing their desire to continue learning and improve heir speaking abilities.
  • 00:35:00 In this section of the YouTube video "SOY EL DEALER DE KARMALAND 🚫 - KARMALVND #11", the speaker is discussing the criticism of a music video for the song "El Duque" by Pablo Alborán. They explain that their opinion of the music video is not popular, and the speaker is hesitant to express their thoughts openly after seeing the negative reactions they experienced in previous events. They note how people may be more likely to criticize publicly what they do not like, even if they separately recognized it as un improvement compared to previous performances. However, the speaker feels that people need to approach critic
  • 00:40:00 In this section of the video, the content creator presents various food items and tools. It was stated that any of the listed items should not be wasted and kept for later use. The content creator talks about diving and movement. However, there is a problem with the spear, as the speaker only has one arrow. Therefore, the problem of arrows was discussed. The speaker mentions purchasing arrows, but the content creator disagrees because arrows will need to be gassed. It was confirmed that they were not interested in using "decorative" arrows. The content creator also talked about perseverance and being betrayed on the internet. The speaker was looking for help but was ultimately betrayed, leading to an emotional response.
  • 00:45:00 In this section of the video, the speaker is discussing a mission to retrieve a plant called "Karmawana" from an invernadero, which is raised inside his house. The speaker is worried that the police may raid the invernadero and arrest him, so he asks for advice on how to proceed. The speaker suggests that he may be at risk, but he is willing to take it. One of his allies is Pablo Escobar, who is also involved in this mission. The speaker recalls a previous incident where his ally betrayed him, and he expresses his distrust towards him. The speaker is not pleased with the current situation and feels that he is at risk of getting caught.
  • 00:50:00 In this section of the YouTube video, the speaker discusses Karmaland, a location with an indoor garden for growing various plants. The speaker observes that the garden has mature mondongos, which he values. He comments on the video's popularity, noting that Karmaland has already sold out. The speaker then encourages the viewer to make a purchase, emphasizing that the plants will provide an abundant supply of food and the chance to enjoy delicious flavors. He expresses excitement at the prospect of having so much food available.
  • 00:55:00 In this section of the video, the YouTuber discusses his plans to start a marijuana business in Karmaland. He mentions obtaining marijuana seeds and expresses concern about the potential dangers. He then decides to start a hookah store as a front for his marijuana business. The YouTuber also reveals that he has stolen a boat and is planning to escape with it. He concludes by expressing excitement about his new venture in Karmaland.

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In this section of the video, the YouTuber discusses their plans to open a shop called "El Chiringuito de Fumones" where they want to sell marijuana and related products. They talk about wanting a hidden door leading to a marijuana greenhouse and the importance of testing the product themselves. The YouTuber explores crafting marijuana joints and making "happy cookies" with marijuana. They also discuss the legality of marijuana consumption in the game and the maximum amount allowed. Additionally, the YouTuber talks about discovering a bug that allows them to open chests without passwords in the game and requesting a reward from the developers. They express frustration with the gods in the game and discuss repairing their trident, fishing, and their return to Earth in the game. They also mention organizing their inventory and feeling anxious about efficiency in the game.

  • 01:00:00 In this section of the video, the YouTuber discusses his plans for opening a shop called "El Chiringuito de Fumones" where he wants to sell marijuana and other related products. He mentions wanting to have a hidden door inside the shop that leads to a marijuana greenhouse where he can grow and sell the product. He also talks about the importance of testing the marijuana himself to ensure its quality before selling it to customers. The YouTuber explores the crafting process of making marijuana joints and mentions the need to find cacao seeds in order to make a "happy cookie" with marijuana. He ends the section by joking about how many calories he is consuming by testing the products.
  • 01:05:00 In this section, the speaker talks about smoking marijuana in the game and the possibility of planting it. They discuss the mechanics of planting and how it might be illegal in the game. The speaker also discovered a bug that allows them to open safes without a password and mentioned it to the game developers. They requested a reward for finding the bug but haven't heard back yet. The bug allows anyone to use the trick, and the speaker wonders if they will receive anything in return.
  • 01:10:00 In this section, the players in the Karmaland server discuss hiding a chest containing marijuana-related items. They initially consider hiding it under a stone, but eventually decide to use wood instead. They create a structure to conceal the chest and discuss the different marijuana-related items they will store in it. They also talk about the legality of marijuana consumption and the maximum amount allowed for personal use.
  • 01:15:00 In this section, the speaker discusses the legality of growing cannabis in Karmaland and the maximum limit of grams allowed. They mention that growing cannabis is illegal, but there is a grey area where one can defend oneself by claiming it is for personal consumption. However, they cannot find the specific gram limit mentioned in the law. They also mention that the laws in Karmaland are based on Spanish and Andorran legislation, but they are unsure how marijuana laws specifically work in Andorra. The speaker plans to start their own cultivation and keep it hidden by using tunnels or a remote location. They also discuss the possibility of trading marijuana with other players as a form of currency. It is clear that the speaker is trying to navigate the legalities and precautions of growing cannabis in the game.
  • 01:20:00 In this section, the YouTuber talks about discovering a bug that allows him to open chests with passwords in the game. He decides to pray to the gods for a reward of dark spruce wood and a book of repairs in exchange for not exploiting the bug. After the prayer, it becomes daytime in the game, and he realizes that he forgot to ask for the dark spruce wood. He pleads with the gods for the wood, hoping that they will fulfill his request.
  • 01:25:00 In this section, the speaker expresses frustration and disappointment with the gods in the game. They discuss a bug that prevented them from obtaining the required materials for their Chiringuito, and they feel abandoned by the gods. They ask for a little more help but are ultimately left to figure things out on their own. The speaker then moves on to discussing repairing their trident and experimenting with different tools in the game. They try to repair the trident using experience points but struggle to figure out the correct method.
  • 01:30:00 In this section, the YouTuber discusses the updates and changes to the trident item in the game. They explore the different enchantments and repair options available, ultimately deciding on Empowerment and Repair. They also discover the ability to repair the trident using fish, making it a convenient and effective tool. Additionally, they find dark oak saplings to plant, eliminating the need to travel to find more trees. Finally, they try out the repaired trident and are pleased with the results.
  • 01:35:00 In this section, the speaker discusses their fishing experience in Minecraft and mentions that they have an unbreakable fishing rod with a Fishing Butluck 10 enchantment, which gives them bad luck with fishing. They then mention catching a treasure chest and receiving an iron ingot, which they already had. The speaker also talks about repairing their trident and trying ginger tea, which they dislike. They mention having turtles spawn around their house and briefly discuss being followed by Pablo Alborán, a Spanish singer, on Instagram. The speaker expresses both surprise and embarrassment about the situation but continues to fish and repair their trident.
  • 01:40:00 In this section, the YouTuber talks about fishing while playing Minecraft. They discuss repairing their trident, receiving treasures from fishing, and the different items they can catch. They also mention meeting up to play Fortnite later.
  • 01:45:00 In this section, the YouTuber discusses their return to Earth in the game and how things have changed. They mention losing the game and express frustration with someone who left a message in a bottle. They also discuss different game features, including the sound of the Trident and the ability to fly permanently with it. The YouTuber showcases their flying skills and mentions the possibility of using mods to enhance gameplay. They also comment on the weather in the game and joke about not dying from fall damage due to water. Overall, this section highlights the YouTuber's exploration and enjoyment of the game.
  • 01:50:00 In this section, the speaker discusses their inventory and organizes their items. They talk about their fishing catches, food, and other miscellaneous items. They also mention their trident and how they could use it more effectively with an enchantment. The speaker then plants some saplings and attempts to grow a large tree, but it ends up being smaller than expected. Despite this, they find the tree easy to chop down and appreciate the abundance of wood it provides. They also mention being anxious about placing blocks in the wrong spot and express frustration about the appearance of a strange rock.
  • 01:55:00 In this section, the YouTuber discusses the anxiety that can arise from watching someone else play Minecraft in a more efficient manner. They mention the importance of appreciating the contrast and variety in the game, including weather conditions, and express confusion over another player's dislike of rain and night time. They also discuss organizing their inventory and cleaning up their house in the game. The YouTuber contemplates the most efficient way to remove a tower structure and considers using a trident or crafting iron tools.

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In this section of the YouTube video "SOY EL DEALER DE KARMALAND 🚫 - KARMALVND #11", the YouTuber discusses their plans for rearranging elements in their Minecraft world. They consider adding palm trees, lanterns, and vines to enhance the aesthetic. However, they encounter challenges, such as not having enough palm tree trunks and not finding any vines. The YouTuber contemplates using shears to obtain vines but does not confirm whether they follow through with that plan.

  • 02:00:00 In this section, the YouTuber discusses his plan to gather materials to create iron pickaxes and then states that he will not be able to reach the high areas using a stone trident. He mentions that if it were raining, he might be able to reach those heights, but unfortunately, it is not. He then demonstrates a method to retrieve his items after dying in the game. He explains that he will use blocks to climb back up and decides to try using a tree to reach a higher area. He successfully climbs the tree and realizes that he can use a combination of the elytra wings and the trident to fly and land safely. He then proceeds to gather materials and concludes by expressing his gratitude for the positive feedback he has received on his gameplay.
  • 02:05:00 In this section of the YouTube video titled "SOY EL DEALER DE KARMALAND 🚫 - KARMALVND #11", the speaker discusses the repairs he is making to his property. He mentions that the agujero, or hole, caused by someone else needs to be patched, and he goes about this process using a combination of bricks, concrete, and sand. The speaker notes that the process is time-consuming, but the result is worth it in order to fix the agujero and prevent any further damage from occurring. Throughout the section, the speaker provides a detailed description of the repairs, highlighting the importance of using materials that are strong and durable in order to make them last.
  • 02:10:00 In this section of the video, El Chaval elaborates on the concept of doing favors for someone else. He argues that it is important to do favors occasionally, but not all the time. He then goes on to describe how he applied this principle to his own life, by cleaning up the beach and going inside to work on his projects. He also mentions how he has learned to prioritize his projects and how he wishes to continue doing so in the future. Overall, El Chaval's message is that taking care of oneself is important, but also that helping others and doing favors can be beneficial as well.
  • 02:15:00 In this section of the video, the presenter shows how to install a plethora of black wood planks in varying arrangements on a variety of surfaces including tables and couches. The presenter compares the texture and toughness of black wood to that of other verse variations, and offers guidelines on how to choose the best wood for the job. One of the key takeaways in this section of the video is thatr
  • 02:20:00 In this section, the speaker is addressing their subscriber's request for a tutorial on how to make a "trampa de osos maduros" (molcajete). They start by establishing that molcajetes are for holding and grinding up various ingredients and discussing the different materials used to make them. The speaker explains that there are two types of molcajetes mentioned: trampas maduros and oso musculares. They clarify that these are essentially two different types of traps, with the former being made of harder, matte surfaces, while the latter have a shinier, more grained surface. The speaker then goes on to emphasize the importance of choosing the right type of molcajete based on personal preference and the intended use of the molcajete.
  • 02:25:00 In this section, the speaker continues elaborating on the plans to expand the beach area at Karmalond. The speaker mentions that they had always planned on building up the beach but were initially going to stop at the point where the boardwalk and the beach meet. However, the speaker decides to continue expansion towards the forest, but not directly into the woods to avoid damaging the ecosystem. The speaker then talks about the importance of having comfortable seating areas, lighting, and decor to make the beach a more enjoyable place for visitors. The speaker also mentions that they are aware of the ongoing debate over expanded plans for the beach, but they are confident that it will ultimately be a positive addition to Karmaland.
  • 02:30:00 In this section of the YouTube video "SOY EL DEALER DE KARMALAND 🚫 - KARMALVND #11", the speaker is discussing a picture of El Chiringuito, a fictional character commonly called "The Chringuitos". The speaker expresses displeasure with the lack of detail in the artwork and decides to add some improvements himself.
  • 02:35:00 In this section, the speaker discusses how certain actions in the game have consequences, such as losing certain buffs when their health regenerates. They also talk about their strategy in the game and how sometimes they make mistakes and sometimes they don't. The speaker expresses frustration about someone placing mines near their home and wonders how long it has been happening. They also mention their plans to attend a fair in Málaga but admit they are too tired and not feeling well enough to go. They then shift their attention to their Minecraft project, mentioning their desire to add a roof and questioning how it will be supported. The speaker also expresses their joy when someone mentions Málaga in the comments. Lastly, they joke about wanting to be treated like Tutankhamun and going to the beach.
  • 02:40:00 In this section of the YouTube video titled "SOY EL DEALER DE KARMALAND 🚫 - KARMALVND #11", the creator is discussing the process of making sombrillas (o umbrellas) using bamboo sticks and lana blanca (white thread). The creator explains that the sombrillas can be made in various sizes and colors, using both the bamboo sticks and the lana blanca. The creator also discusses how to make toallas (towels) using lana blanca and alfombras (mats) and how to use the sombrillas and toallas as part of a beach setup.
  • 02:45:00 In this section of the video, the speaker takes a closer look at a fishing net and finds a few apples and Limonada gum inside. They then discover a camarita (lobster) in the pot, but not much else. The speaker then shares a story about how they planned to welcome visitors with freshly-made toweels, but forgot to buy cloth. They quickly come up with a plan to make toweels with civí (a type of plant fiber), but the process doesn't go as smoothly as they had hoped. The speaker then quickly moves on to another idea, highlighting a typical seaside chair they had bought in Portugal.
  • 02:50:00 In this section, the person in the video is discussing various items and decorations they have for their virtual world. They mention wanting to plant some things on the ground, such as seashells and bamboo. They also talk about wanting to add torches for decoration and gather items from the beach. They consider using quartz for the kitchen and discuss the use of palm tree trunks for their structures. However, they realize they do not have enough trunks and express frustration over not being able to reattach the bark to a previously stripped trunk. They decide to convert the trunks into regular wood instead. The person indicates they need more trunks to complete their project.
  • 02:55:00 In this section of the video, the YouTuber is discussing how to rearrange certain elements of their Minecraft world. They need to change the placement of a structure and decide to add some palm trees and lanterns. They also consider extending the pillars that hold up a structure, but ultimately decide against it. The YouTuber mentions wanting to add some vines, but realizes they don't have any. They contemplate using shears to obtain some, but it's unclear if they ultimately do so.

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In this YouTube video, the speaker discusses their experience with the discoloration of cosmetics products on their face. They argue that products with a yellowish or pale tone can make their skin look darker, and suggest using a color corrector or concealer to cover up the discoloration. However, they warn that a darker concealer may not match their skin tone perfectly and can make the skin look uneven or "flippy."

  • 03:00:00 In this section of the video, the speaker is expressing their opinion on the discoloration of cosmetics products on their face. They argue that cosmetics products with a yellowish or pale tone will make their skin look darker. They suggest using a "color corrector" or a concealer to cover up the discoloration, but caution that a darker concealer may not match their skin tone perfectly. The speaker also mentions that covering up discoloration with makeup can make the skin look uneven or "flippy," which is not desirable.

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