Summary of 6 steps to conducting a training needs analysis and assessment

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This video discusses six key steps for conducting a training needs assessment. The first step is determining when to use an assessment, followed by identifying and understanding the reasons for issues in the organization's training. Three types of analysis are reviewed, and assessments are emphasized for collecting training data. Goals and metrics should be set to measure effectiveness, and different delivery options, including blended learning, are presented.

  • 00:00:00 In this section, the video discusses six steps for conducting a training needs analysis and assessment, which are crucial for implementing an effective corporate training strategy. The first step is to understand when to use a training needs assessment, which can be used in situations such as poor performance records or the introduction of new technology. The video then highlights the importance of observing and developing an understanding of why efficiency problems may exist. Next, the three types of analyses are discussed - organizational, task, and personal - that will enable people to address the gaps. The fourth step emphasizes conducting assessments and evaluations to collect data for creating specific training content. The video then highlights setting goals and metrics to evaluate the training's effectiveness before finally deciding how the training will be delivered. The blended learning environment, comprising classroom training, eLearning, and learning management systems, is proposed as an option for delivery.

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